The Naval Story of the Grey Ghost

Here is my first historical video about the early stages of the Pacific Naval War in World War II. It is also a way for me to present some my new favorite songs, which are copyrighted, but Vimeo doesn’t seem to care about that, although YouTube would:

Part 1 :

Part 2:

Poetry Collections by Masood Parvase

Masood Parvaze, a retired Pakistani American Engineer and a proud Texan, writes poetry and fiction in two languages. He has published two poetry collections, ‘Second Shadow on the Wall‘, 2014, and ‘Flowers Thorns and Other Offerings‘, 2016, both of which are available at We welcome his inspirational contribution.



Unthinkable . . . Unfathomable      
. . . 
I often think
What if . . . I was? 
Unsheltered . . . Unprotected
Unappreciated . . . Uneducated
. . . 
Living among
Uncompassionate . . . Unyielding
Unchangeable . . . Uncompromising
 . . . 
Like the . . . Unfortunate 
Among us . . . in 
Unimaginable . . . Unavoidable
Unforgiving . . . Unlivable
Oblivion . . . Called . . .  Life

© 2020 Masood Parvaze

Stain your prayer rug with wine
(Inspired by Persian mystic poet Hafiz 1315-1390)

I know your passion for God
You called him your wine
Your beloved; an eternal light
Like a moth; you desired
To burn yourself in its flame 
. . . But this is my poem
I too would have
Stained it with crimson wine
But then cleansed it
With tears for humanity
If . . . I had a prayer rug

©2020 Masood Parvaze

The Answers to Everything

 — The Answers to Everything —

On What ‘IS’

An Eternal Basis has to be so,
For a lack of anything cannot sow,
Forcing there to be something permanent,
As partless, from which composites can grow.

There can’t be other directions given,
To that which no start; it is undriven;
So, it is as Everything possible,
Either as linear or exists at once.

Consider quantum fields of waves atop
One another: waves are continuous,
And so qualifiy as Fundamental;
Quantized lumps are particles, then more.

The particles, etc., are temporary;
The Basis is coterminal with stuff,
But is not cosubstantial with the things;
Its information content is the same as Null!

Note that there is no other absolute:
Newton’s fixed space and time got Einstein’s boot;
Particle spigots making fields are mute;
Classic fields have no fundamental loot.

There are no ‘if nots’ for happened events;
That would be a fantasy world but meant
For simulations and playing mind games;
No use entertaining real replacements.

On Consciousness

What the meaning to this play we’re befit,
From dirt to dust within the script that’s writ?
The wise in search have thrown themselves to waste;
Experience alone is the benefit.

Physics describes but the extrinsic causes,
While consciousness exists just for itself,
As the intrinsic, compositional,
Informational, whole, and exclusive—

As the distinctions toward survival, 
Though causing nothing except in itself,
As in ne’er doing but only as being,
Leaving intelligence for the doing.

The posterior cortex holds correlates,
For this is the only brain region that
Can’t be removed for one to still retain
Consciousness, it having feedback in it;

Thusly, it forms an irreducible Whole,
And this Whole forms consciousness directly,
A process fundamental in nature,
Or’s the brain’s private symbolic language.

The Whole can also be well spoken of 
To communicate with others, as well as
Globally informing other brain states,
For the nonconscious knows not what’s been made.

Exhaustive Rubaiyat PDF Updates and Videos Beginning

I updated the PDFs in the previous post and added another PDF for the text only edition (with grayscale images). Lots of changes; worth downloading again, plus now is final.


  1. Some quatrains were moved into the next section.
  2. Some material was moved because it was slightly off from where it should have been.
  3. The worded images toward the end have been incorporated into the mainline.
  4. Some of my large gold lettered quatrain have been added.
  5. The graphic story at the end was removed, since it was redundant, although it looked good.
  6. The font type now indicates which words and quatrains are mine. Updated 9/12/2020

Rubaiyat Section Themes for my New Exhaustive Rubaiyat and more

One may have noticed that the FitzOmar’s Rubaiyat has unnamed themed sections to it, which I have named:

The Awakening, To Solitude Retired, The Verse in the Wilderness, The Blowing Rose, The Courts of Jamshyd, The River Lip, The Long Rest,  Theology, The Same Door, Whence and Whither, Willy-Nilly Blowing, Vain Questioning, The Soul of the Cup, The Heavenly Potter, The Cup of Love, The Cup of Death, The Eternal Saki, The False and the True,  The Vain Pursuit, The Divorce of Reason, The Jarring Sects, The Vine, Voices of the Past,  The Soul’s Answer, The Fates Playing Games, Nights and Days,  He Knows, The Moving Finger, Limitations, The Last Man, Omar’s Horoscope,  Entrapment,  In the Beginning,  Kuza-Nama, In the Potter’s House, The Ungainly Pot, The Destroyer,  The Loquacious Vessels, By-and-Bye, The End of Ramadan, Omar’s Tomb’s Fumes,  Spring Returns, Youth and Age, This Sorry Scheme, and In Memoriam.

I will be using these as section headers in the upcoming illustrated The Exhaustive Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam—With Roots/Relateds, Lore, and Metaphysics.

Within the sections, there will be quatrain headers, followed by the illustrated root and related quatrains from the public domain, plus some of my own.

This illustrated and illuminated hardcover presentation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is meant to be the final and exhaustive rendering of Edward FitzGerald’s 115 quatrains that he transmogrified from Omar’s Persian Farsi Arabic.

 The breadth and depth of FitzOmar has been greatly expanded upon herein by the collection and improvement of the FitzGerald-based root quatrains, plus variants, and related Omar quatrains from the public domain, along with my own inspired quatrains, and some of Positor’s, and putting their illustrated quatrains right after the best FitzOmar rendition selected from his four versions—which overall pictorial presentation beats just reading though some very long texts, such as the Bodleian and Calcutta manuscripts.

There are also annotations, side stories, elaborations, and tangents presented, as well as my deep metaphysical explorations and solutions to Omar’s quandaries. Thus, the book is fully complete, giving Rubaiyat readers a whole lot more to explore—and ever worth revisiting.

It contains about 1600 works of my art from iclone, Daz3D, and Photoshop, made over twenty years.

What a puzzle it was to put together!

There will be 6×9, 8.5×11, and 11×8.5 800 page hardcover editions, with the latter being a very useful book size addition, allowing for both portrait and landscape oriented images to be featured, although that edition will require two volumes, with extra material to fill it up all the way to 1600 pages total, but it will be well worth it.

There will also be a text-only edition and an iBook edition.

Some of the editions are already out, but I will name and point to them in another post.

I will try to make a 150 dpi PDF to host here for a while, which will be kind of a way to get the book for free—as useful for online viewing.
As for Covid-19, I came across and amended a quatrain to this:

From life we oft drew wine, now dregs to drink, 
Once flaunted silk, but now in tatters shrink; 
Such changes wisdom holds of slight account 
To those who stand on death’s appalling brink!

I also like this one:

The chain is forged that links a thousand deaths
To a thousand future-generated breaths
When lips ripe as fruit gently part in pain:
The smile of a corpse is life touched by death.

New Book Happening

The breadth and depth of FitzGerald’s Rubaiyat of 115 quatrains can be greatly expanded by collecting and improving the root, related, or new quatrains and putting them with their illustrations after the FitzOmar renderings—as from my foremost ‘Artistic Rubaiyat’ version, which would be better than reading though just a very long text.

With also annotation and side stories and tangents, as well as the exploration of the metaphysical solutions to Omar’s quandries, it would be fully complete, giving Rubaiyat readers a whole lot more to explore.

This would take over a 1500 works of art, which I have, and would become the final word on Omar, as exhausted, but yet ever worth revisiting. It is nearly done, and what a puzzle it was to put together. It’s getting greatly edited now.

Does anyone have more suggestions or wish to point out some great non-FitzGerald public domain quatrains or give away one of their own?


Also, I added the text of my own Rubaiyats to the header section near the top of the page.

‘The Artistic Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’ New Book

There is now ‘The Artistic Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’, Lulu, hardcover 8.25×10.75, 800 pages; it lays mostly flat, as do all Lulu 8.5×11 hardcovers. Looks fantastic; however, the images are split across two pages, although rather seamlessly.

Note that it also contains a much improved colorized version of ‘Sullivan Rubaiyat Colorized’ and ‘The Great Omar’, updated via Photoshop’s new colorization tool, plus ‘The Complete Rubaiyat’, which are all why it is 800 glorious pages long—a true Omarian keepsake.

It looks like this:

Its development began on Photobook America as a stunning 17.2×12 300 page hardcover on the best paper, so as to feature many landscape oriented images, but there is no way for me to sell it from there because they don’t have a store for others to buy from. Alas, but it is also large and unwieldy and quite expensive and doesn’t lay flat. Nice try though. Other places, like PrintPapa, make 17×11 coil-bound ‘books’ but they are limited to 200 pages and one has to order five at  a time; however, again, there is no way for others to purchase.

So, what of the large original unsplit pages? They went into the Apple ibook:
The Great Omar Book by itself; Lulu 8.25×10.75 hardcover:

Voiced version video:


Sullivan Colorized Book by itself; Lulu 8.25×10.75 hardcover: