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Butterflies At the Edge of Forever

ToeQuestors discover the Secrets of the Universe, as well as the humorously dangerous implications that follow their possession of the Holy Grail of the genuine Theory of Everything. With the world’s future hanging in the balance, they sharpen their wits and skills through the teachings of the learnéd Grand Masters. 

Extraordinary mixed media photo composites of tropical and otherworldly scenes beyond compare. Deep science, too. There is no greater quest than to know whence we came and what we are. Humorous, adventurous and significant. Amazing science poems. The blend of prose drama and humor, poetry, illustration, and science makes for a totally glorious reading experience.


The Illustrated Flora Symbolica: Lore and Legends of the Flowers


The Triumph of Life, Love, and Being

An Exploration of the Joys of the Human Condition and the Astounding Secrets of the Universe and the Mind Through the Life of a Loving Couple Engaged in the Ultimate Relationship Across the Centuries and into the Future. 

Escaping from a monastery-abbey that engulfed itself in the flames of ignorance, such as the one in in the book ‘The Name of the Rose’, they, our ever returning couple, salvage a mysterious book of quatrains that guides them through the joys and follies of the human condition as they live out its words, for the proof of all writing is to live it. So close in thought that they need not even be named at first, our couple takes a picaresque journey through the first part of the book series to solve the difficulties of life as they are encountered in their travels through the forested countryside.

Alive and positive, it makes you want to run right out and live. Magical and Mystical. Lavishly illustrated with photos and art.


Ageless Times

This is the second book in an epic series begun with ‘The Triumph of Life, and Being’, that is, An Exploration of the Joys of the Human Condition and the Astounding Secrets of the Universe and the Mind Through the Life of a Loving Couple Engaged in the Ultimate Relationship Across the Centuries and into the Future. Peter and Angelina meet again, in more recent times, glorying in the state of existence, as their world opens up in astounding magnificence. Much too enchanting for words. Life will never be the same again.


The Kiss That Never Dies

This is the third and final book in an epic series, that is An Exploration of the Joys of the Human Condition and the Astounding Secrets of the Universe and the Mind Through the Life of a Loving Couple Engaged in the Ultimate Relationship Across the Centuries and into the Future. Peter and Angelina are still glorying in the state of existence, as their world continues to open up even more in its astounding, enchanting magnificence. 


The Cambodian Adventure

An Army Intelligence Agent makes a harrowing escape through the Cambodian jungle, after covering the retreat of a special forces unit, and then again in a another operation.


After the Stars Have Gone—The Final, Silent Dark updated June 23, 2021

A poetic glance into the far flung future of the expansion of the universe.


The MPs’ Tales

As MPs, Patrick, the Captain, and Juliet, his Sergeant, at Fort Shafter, Oahu, Hawaii, pursue a seemingly routine weapons theft case, but find there is more to it, that there are much larger forces operating behind the scenes, both good and bad, their mysterious Colonel eventually initiating and guiding them into these worlds that are even deeper than those of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and the CIA, and ever onwards towards the ultimate maneuverings, clashes of epic proportions, and even to the underpinnings of reality itself, all as revealed though the shadow empire that is in place to protect the world. There is adventure, drama, romance, police work, mystery, joy, wisdom, interleaved, all at once, and even a grand insight at the end into how and why everything exists. A drug case is the ultimate adventure of the movie, which draws the MPs into the mountains behind the fort, where there is also the Captain’s secret mountain retreat.

The Army life depicted contains flights of fancy, too. Beware!


To the Quantum Depths of the Poetic Universe

It is still that the apparent atoms and molecules make the happenings, via physical-chemical reactions; however, this observation cannot be equated to an ‘explanation’, for we must wonder what underlies all this chemical mattering and reacting that seems to have a unity of direction to it. I venture into the Elfin otherworld to find out more. Fabulous images!


To the Depths of the Deep of the Mysteries of the Night

A request to the Night to reveal its deepest and dearest metaphysical secrets unto the depths the deep.


A Love Story of the Earth and the Moon updated 6/27/2021

Worldly Love.

Around you I whirl, a necklace of pearl, Trailing afterimages of my world, Adorning you, thy bosom bountiful, With crystalline gems from another world. …


Elfin Legends

Into the OtherWorld…



Explorations of Eternity on Tahiti.


Seasonal Epic Lore: Spring Fever; Summer Rainbows; Autumn Hues; Winter Embers

Illustrated poems and stories for the four seasons.


The Music of the Spheres: Moonlight Sonata

Fully color-illustrated symbolical descriptions of the heavenly bodies. All the planets attend a concert in the park. Plus more.


Transmogrification In the Name of the Rose

A Rubaiyat offshoot in which we discover the name of the rose after learning about the poetic transmogrification of the Rubaiyat. Greatly revised.


Cosmic Insights

Shorts about life and the Universe.


Austino’s Holy Quest

Austino is sent on a quest to convert England to Christianity, by Pope Gregory, spending 20 years traveling and enjoying life. Comedic but insightful. Plus a reunion of the ToeQuestors in the future at the Vatican.


A Meeting with Rumi

A meeting containing Rumi-like sayings.


Galileo: The Illumination of Science


Nostalgic Notions

Lavishly illustrated nostalgic art and words/poems about the good old days. Relive the golden olden days for inspiration and remembrance.


The Vault of Everything

A fully color-illustrated visit to the Library of Babel, where every possible book that could exist may be found.


Now and Zen

Do we live on somehow after we die?

25. (Reserved)

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The Extended Rubaiyat, the new Deluxe Rubaiyat , and The Parallel Rubaiyat Book Editions, PDFs, and Videos

The Extended Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Via Its Equal Interspersed:

Interwoven into FitzOmar’s 115 original Rubaiyat quatrains are many additional, improved ‘Omar Khayyam’ quatrains from the Bodleian and Calcutta manuscripts, as well as many of my own Omaresque inspirations.

I’ve added many more improved Bodleian Manuscript quatrains to The Extended Rubaiyat; FitzGerald only used about 35% of these. The Extended Rubaiyat videos referenced previously have been updated as well.

The best book renditions are on, as usual, since they allow very large uploads. The colors and details are the best ever, thanks to the Topaz AI Adjust filter.

There are Rubaiyat-related themes at the end, in some editions, such as The Find of the Rubaiyat Edition Known as the ‘Great Omar’, The Secret Life of the Rubaiyat Poems, The Transmogrification From the Farsi Arabic, Austin’s New Calendar, and more.


11×8.5 hardcover, 800 pages, $154.95, greatly illustrated:×85/hardcover/product-enepmv.html?page=1&pageSize=4

8.5×11 hardcover, 800 pages, $155.95, greatly illustrated:×11/hardcover/product-5d46zv.html?page=1&pageSize=4

6×9 hardcover, 468 pages, 79.95, without colored lettering, but still with illustrations:×9/hardcover/product-4dnv8e.html?page=1&pageSize=4

6×9, hardcover, 116 pages, $27.95, The Text, with some illustrations:×9/hardcover/product-v74z4z.html?page=1&pageSize=4


8.5×11 hardcover (paperback and kindle available), 378 pages, $159.90, lower quality:

6×9, paperback (kindle also available), 116 pages, $24.95, The Text, with some illustrations:


Apple iBook: 1077 pages, $9.95. greatly illustrated:

Global distribution: At stores/catalogs such as Barnes & Noble where the cost is a lot more.

Art Prints: See; search for ‘extendedrubaiyat’.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Deluxe:

This is my final regular Rubaiyat rendition and is meant to be the end-all. There are 115 original FitzOmar quatrains colorfully lettered and lavishly illustrated, with section titles. There are illustrated Rubaiyat-related themes in text at the end: The Find of the Rubaiyat Edition Known as the ‘Great Omar’, the book being included whole; The Secret Life of the Rubaiyat Poems; The Transmogrification From the Farsi Arabic story; The Extended Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Via Its Equal Interspersed text, and more.


11×8.5 hardcover, 470 pages, $99.95, greatly illustrated:×85/hardcover/product-r46pwe.html?page=1&pageSize=4

8.5×11 hardcover, 576 pages, $119.95, greatly illustrated:×11/hardcover/product-nr96nn.html?page=1&pageSize=4

6×9 hardcover, 486 pages, 79.95, greatly illustrated:×9/hardcover/product-pn9me7.html?page=1&pageSize=4


6×9 paperback, 410 pages, $124.95, greatly illustrated, higher cost than Lulu, not hardcover, a bit less quality!:


14×11 hardcover, 372 pages, $400.00, greatly illustrated:


Apple iBook: 460 pages, $7.95, greatly illustrated:

Global distribution: At stores/catalogs such as Barnes & Noble, where the cost is a lot more.

The Parallel Rubaiyat—Echoes of Khayyam:

These are the quatrains paralleling ‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’ that were merged into it to produce ‘The Extended Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Via Its Equal Interspersed. The colored lettering here is portrait-oriented full page and many of the Boldeian-derived text and images are also.


11×8.5 hardcover, 330 pages, $74.95, greatly illustrated:×85/hardcover/product-g4pkq8.html?page=1&pageSize=4

8.5×11 hardcover, 662 pages, $134.95, greatly illustrated:×11/hardcover/product-jm6jp2.html?page=1&pageSize=4

6×9 hardcover, 166 pages, $34.95, greatly. illustrated:×9/hardcover/product-v778w6.html?page=1&pageSize=4


6×9 hardcover (kindle also available), 168 pages, $69.95, greatly illustrated:


The Extended Rubaiyat Book Pages 11×8.5:

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Deluxe Book Pages 11×8.5:

The Exhaustive Rubaiyat is also out, at the usual places, for those who want more…

‘Austin’s Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets’ Video and Book Editions

Omar’s adventures continue in my quatrains. We have Omar’s projected doings in philosophical discussions in taverns on the Big Questions, interleaved with his adventures with his beloved. There is new and colorful lettering for the quatrains.

Video: Has some 3D effects in it.

Book Editions:

Lulu hardcover 11×8.5 184 pages $44.95

Lulu hardcover 8.5×11 92 pages $29.95

Apple iBook 184 pages $2.95

Book/Video News

‘Austin’s Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets’ and ‘Austin’s Rubaiyat of Rhymes and Reasons’ books/videos have been redone.

‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Its Equal’ is about one-third done and has additional Omaresque quatrains interspersed, some by Omar and some of my own Omar inspirations. It. is a kind of the best of ‘The Exhaustive Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’, which is also done, although rather long.

The above books/videos all have brighter images, better lettering, and 3D effects (no glasses required). I will be posting all of them.

The 3D effect comes from Photoshop Elements 2021, as it knows what is in front or behind in the image, which process only produces a 1K GIF; however, TOPAZ Video Enhance AI can enlarge the GIF to 4K, turning it into video, astoundingly improving the quality to about 95% of the original image quality. Then, after placing them in Final Cut Pro, the frame rate can be increased to 30 fps and the clip can be lengthened. My usual method of getting the blue and green to move about is accomplished in FCP via keying out blue and green coloring a layer above and having everything moving in the layer below (via low tuned underwater filter), such that grass and foliage can be as wind is blowing them, clouds can fluctuate, since the blue of the sky is moving nearby, and ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans can wave and ripple.

Here is a small, raw GIF:

The end result video:

Rubaiyat and its Equal example:

So, a lot of milage can now be gotten out of a still image.