‘Austin’s Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets’ Video and Book Editions

Omar’s adventures continue in my quatrains. We have Omar’s projected doings in philosophical discussions in taverns on the Big Questions, interleaved with his adventures with his beloved. There is new and colorful lettering for the quatrains.

Video: Has some 3D effects in it.

Book Editions:

Lulu hardcover 11×8.5 184 pages $44.95

Lulu hardcover 8.5×11 92 pages $29.95

Apple iBook 184 pages $2.95

Book/Video News

‘Austin’s Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets’ and ‘Austin’s Rubaiyat of Rhymes and Reasons’ books/videos have been redone.

‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Its Equal’ is about one-third done and has additional Omaresque quatrains interspersed, some by Omar and some of my own Omar inspirations. It. is a kind of the best of ‘The Exhaustive Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’, which is also done, although rather long.

The above books/videos all have brighter images, better lettering, and 3D effects (no glasses required). I will be posting all of them.

The 3D effect comes from Photoshop Elements 2021, as it knows what is in front or behind in the image, which process only produces a 1K GIF; however, TOPAZ Video Enhance AI can enlarge the GIF to 4K, turning it into video, astoundingly improving the quality to about 95% of the original image quality. Then, after placing them in Final Cut Pro, the frame rate can be increased to 30 fps and the clip can be lengthened. My usual method of getting the blue and green to move about is accomplished in FCP via keying out blue and green coloring a layer above and having everything moving in the layer below (via low tuned underwater filter), such that grass and foliage can be as wind is blowing them, clouds can fluctuate, since the blue of the sky is moving nearby, and ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans can wave and ripple.

Here is a small, raw GIF:

The end result video:

Rubaiyat and its Equal example:

So, a lot of milage can now be gotten out of a still image.

Poetry Collections by Masood Parvase

Masood Parvaze, a retired Pakistani American Engineer and a proud Texan, writes poetry and fiction in two languages. He has published two poetry collections, ‘Second Shadow on the Wall‘, 2014, and ‘Flowers Thorns and Other Offerings‘, 2016, both of which are available at Amazon.com. We welcome his inspirational contribution.



Unthinkable . . . Unfathomable      
. . . 
I often think
What if . . . I was? 
Unsheltered . . . Unprotected
Unappreciated . . . Uneducated
. . . 
Living among
Uncompassionate . . . Unyielding
Unchangeable . . . Uncompromising
 . . . 
Like the . . . Unfortunate 
Among us . . . in 
Unimaginable . . . Unavoidable
Unforgiving . . . Unlivable
Oblivion . . . Called . . .  Life

© 2020 Masood Parvaze

Stain your prayer rug with wine
(Inspired by Persian mystic poet Hafiz 1315-1390)

I know your passion for God
You called him your wine
Your beloved; an eternal light
Like a moth; you desired
To burn yourself in its flame 
. . . But this is my poem
I too would have
Stained it with crimson wine
But then cleansed it
With tears for humanity
If . . . I had a prayer rug

©2020 Masood Parvaze